Tenways Branding & Marketing Strategies

Starting an E-Bike brand.

During my gap year in 2021, I joined a start-up e-bike team to fulfill marketing, branding and strategy roles. I worked with and lead a team of six people; my rapid learning and critical thinking skills quickly made me grew as a leader.

Marketing Manager
Branding Manager
Crowdfunding Strategy
Content Direction
Crowdfunding Strategy
UIUX Design
Graphic (Packaging) Design
Dec 2020 - July 2021
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Product launched on Indiegogo

We designed our product launch on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to communicate with consumers prior to official launch and boost brand image.

Launching Video Campaign

Communicating the benfits of the e-bike in concise visual language, using the normal bike as a comparison.

Comprehensive Instructions

Yes, we know constructing phase can be frustrating! In addition to improving the user box-opening experience, this also effectively decreased service costs for us.

Playful Design Detail, Branding & Photography

The product team did a great job to take away the heaviness of the battery-- But we suggested to go bold and sexy with the surface design!


I had the unique opportunity to collaborate with a traditional bike manufacturing company looking to launch an electric bike brand on the international market.

It started over a lunch conversation. The product was good, and we seized the chance to collaborate with them.

My role

Fulfilled multiple roles within a short amount of time... I was up for the challenge!

Our team was in charge of marketing, branding and sales; we had five people and two co-leads (including me).

Even though people doubted my abilities, I still took on the challenge to wear multiple hats I wasn’t familiar with as a design student.

Thanks to our partners’ trust, I got to the opportunity to learn and grow quickly as a leader.


I learned that school is not the only place to learn.
Get out there, get creative, and have fun!!

But most importantly...

I learned that communication and collaboration is key to innovation and sustainable performance.