Green Campus Initiative

Campus platform to promote a sustainable culture.

The Green Campus Initiative (GCI) is a student-run platform to build an interdisciplinary hybrid platform sharing student projects and connecting the threads of sustainability across time and space. This is an on-going project; this semester’s goal is to build a MVP website archive and an in-person exhibition.

Co-Founder with Jimmy Zhong
Product Mangement
Outreach & Communication
UIUX Design
Graphic Design
EK Sun (ME!)
Jimmy Zhong
Lucia Li
Ke Xu
Eva Lu
...and growing!
Mar 2021 - Now


‘Sustainability’ should be a mindset applied to all disciplines to encourage universal, sustainable, and inclusive art and designs.

However, ‘sustainability’ is only commonly perceived exclusively as ‘environmental sustinability’.


We want to redefine how sustainability is being discussed and applied in design and arts on campus to foster a sustainable culture and behavioral shift.

We are initiativing this movement at our closest community, the Rhode Island School of Design.

Theory of Change

Solution: the green campus initiative



How should we present sustainability as an adaptable framework rather than a symbol or discipline?

How can create incentives to engage the entire RISD community?

Problem 1

RISD has no centralized archive to support students exploring and sharing ideas, information is intransparent.

Problem 2

‘Sustainability’ is misportrayed under popular media as ‘environmental sustainability’, limiting student engagement.

“Sustainability feels distant. It gives me the impression of being about only about technology, design, systems, and irrelevant to fine arts.”


Designing with, not for.

Sustainability is a collective effort of defining, participating and inspiring. We want to involve others in the design process, not to merely create products and services, but to create a community and a shared sense of ownership.


To show the hidden network of sustainability and early prototyping tool to inform the website design.

Highlight progress, connections to other projects, events and resources, and the impact they want to make

Exhibition highlights

Interactive highlight

Prototyping for the website

Testing concepts in the physical space to inform the design of the website

Digital Archive

Encouraging student-curation of archived projects and discussions to self-define sustainability.

Student Curations to re-activate content

Students can curate their own projects or collections of other projects of a similar theme (e.g. biomaterials, waste management, etc)

Sustainability as a Fluid Definiton

Instead of gatekeeping ‘sustainability’, students will justify how their project relates to ‘sustainability’.

Progress since Semptember

To be continued!

If you’re interested in how this project will turn out, contact me through and I’ll send you updates on our project!